Secrid Cardslide

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The new Cardslide is produced from high-quality polycarbonate, as used in the production of bulletproof glass. 

Cardslide extends the Cardprotector adding sliding compartment for cash, business cards and parking tickets, making it even more verstatile.


Cardprotector inside Cardslide protects your most important cards really effectively.
The high quality aluminum casing is sturdy and keeps your card from breaking, and also prevents unauthorized RFID/NFC scanning. With one movement, the cards slide out in overlapping sequence where it's easy to pick up the right card. Depending on the thickness of your cards, it holds up to 4-6 cards. You can also choose to store just one card.


Cardslide in action 


  • Size: 68 × 103 × 19 mm
  • Weight: 70 grams
  • RFID Protection
  • 4-6 card slots + Cardslide
  • Protected section for cards & business cards
  • Easy access card mechanism


  • Housing: solid aluminium
  • Polycarbonate slide
  • Construction: stainless steel and POM


PROTECT YOUR CARDS from unwanted scanners. Aluminium protects your cards from damage and unwanted wireless communication.

Secrid RFID Safe Wallet
Secrid Animation Card Mechanism

Quick Access in Style

Secrid has over 16 Leathers with a variety of color combinations with card protectors. You'll surely find the one that matches your personality

Carry Your Essentials

Leave behind all the bulk and carry only what you need securely in your pocket. Each Cardprotector can carry up to 5 cards and the wallet can hold 10 bills

Secrid Wallet Capacity

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